Sewing, for storytellers.

I’m busy working on a line of personal sewing patterns focused on versatile, stage-worthy garments and accessories — building blocks for creating functional and expressive costumes and special occasion-wear, that work out of the spotlight, too.

As an independent performer in burlesque, dance, and circus, I find I’m constantly having to re-invent the wheel when embarking on a new costume project… and I bet I’m not the only one! My goal is to create a go-to collection of shapes, styles, and techniques that DIY-inclined enertainers can rely on. But! They’re also extremely adaptable to other contexts – beachwear, loungewear, party dresses, even office attire – depending on fabric choices and finishing techniques. So even if your wardrobe is a strictly rhinestone-free zone, these styles are still full of potential.

Many a dancer has confided in me that they would love to make some of their own costumes from scratch but don’t feel confident at the sewing machine. I want each set of pattern instructions (and supplementary blog posts and videos) to double as almost a mini e-course, thoroughly describing all the construction steps and including tips for working with specialty fabrics and alternative design options to achieve different effects, so that less experienced sewists feel supported rather than intimidated.

My first style will launch Soon* JUST LAUNCHED, and I’ll roll out future patterns as quickly as my little hands can test and refine them. While I’m drafting, keep an eye on the blog for news, musings, progress pictures, and more!